Agricultura y reciclaje en Ecuador
Country: Ecuador
Production Group: Fundacion Pro-Pueblo in Mangla
Year: 1995
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 42 minutes
Original format: Film
Translated to English? No

This video shows various aspects of Pro-Pueblo's conservation plan: Nuestra razón de ser (14') gives an overview of activities, from archaeology and tourism to organic agriculture and beekeeping; El reciclaje de basura (12') describes the recycling process from sorting in the home, to collection, to the creation of new products; Agricultura orgánica (16') gives us a detailed look at farming and gardening techniques, from the family garden to community compost.The clear voice-over narration of all three segments provides an excellent source of vocabulary on these timely topics, supported by a rich visual context, permitting viewers to "harvest" the images for class discussion of many facets of daily life in Ecuador.

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