20 Mensajes Indigenas
Country: Colombia
Director(s): J.F. Gutierrez/Hernan Dario Correa
Production Group: Graba Color Ltd.
Genre: Documentary
Us Distrib : Archive
Running Time: 35 minutes
Original format: Video
Translated to English? No

This tape presents twenty brief declarations, each less than three minutes, from the Colombian indigenous groups of the Kogi,Puinave, Wayuu, Guainfa, Curripaco, Andoke, Guambiano, and Muinane. The Indians protest their marginalization and bad treatment by "whites" and push for greater protection of theirenvironment and culture. Each declaration opens with a nice visual pan of the geographic area in which the Indian groups reside--the Kogi's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, for example--with their indigenous music as a backdrop. The tape then cuts to an Indian leader, surrounded by members of the community, declaiming in the native language (Spanish subtitles are provided) and sending a message to outsiders. The Indians identify their major adversaries as the government, missionaries, settlers, and the attitude that Indians have no culture common among Spanish-speaking Colombians. Their messages contain a continuum of religious, ecological, and cultural considerations. Many try to convince the viewer that despite negative outside impact, Indians have their own cultures, complete with foods, medicines and self-government. At times, Indian myths and dress reinforce the distinctive message of each group.

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