Abre el helvetico
Country: Argentina
Director(s): Juan Carlos Arch
Production Group: Departamento de Produccion de Cine Club Santa Fe
Year: 2003
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 80 minutes
Original format: Video
Translated to English? No

In the southwest of Uruguay is a small colony called "New Helvetica", founded on April 25, 1862 by a contingent of Swiss immigrants. Faced with the possible closing of the town's only cinema, the inhabitants decided to save it by buying it themselves. Closed for several years, when the cinema was threatened with being torn down and turned into a supermarket, the residents mobilized into action. They creative a cooperative and began the process of acquiring the theatre. This documentary follows the story from it's beginning to the theatre's opening night festivities. The new theatre contains over 1,000 seats, about a tenth of the town's population and symbol of determination and will for the colony's residents.

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