"Allpamanta" Por la Tierra
Country: Ecuador
Director(s): Sami Ayriwa
Production Group: Universidad de Bergen
Year: 2000
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 27 minutes
Original format: Film
Translated to English? No

Homeless families living in the streets and
seeking refuge in churches organize the San Juan
Bosco cooperative in order to obtain decent
housing. During a full year of struggle, the
government refuses to address the petition. As a
result, 225 families choose to take over the
lands of Itchimbia--previously a wasteland--and
begin to build their shacks on September 23,
1995. Since then, they have been the victims of
attempts at displacing them from this land. The
families respond with protest marches and sit-
ins. After five years, a dialogue is finally
initiated between the squatters and the

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