Alfredo Sadel: Aquel Cantor
Country: Venezuela
Director(s): Alfredo Sanchez
Production Group: CNAC
Year: 1999
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 90 minutes
Original format: Video
Translated to English? No

This highly acclaimed film by Alfredo Sánchez chronicles the life of the Venezuelan singer Alfredo Sadel; within it, Sadel narrates his own life story amidst a variety of archival materials in this film that also serves as an extraordinary study in Bolero, on history and on the meaning of life. In the film, the director achieves the extraordinary goal of portraying the bolero itself as a protagonist of the film. Through the use of interviews with many well-known Latin American artists such as Plácido Domingo, Celia Cruz, Armando Manzanero, Lucho Gatita, Simón Díaz, Oscar D'león, Libertad Lamarque and Lupita Ferrer, Sanchez manages to truly recapture the passion of Alfredo Sadel.

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