Country: Cuba
Director(s): Orlando Navarro
Production Group: Ire Productions
Year: 1998
Genre: MusicVideo
Running Time: 30 minutes
Original format: Film
Translated to English? Yes

Contains the following videos:
1. Maraca - "Sonando!" Directed by Jimmy Maslon.
debut video from Maraca, the brilliant
flutist/composer of Irakere and Cubanismo fame.
From the album "Sonando!"
2. Enrique Alvarez y su Charanga Latina w/Alfredo
de la Fe - "Mi Violin Charanguero" (Pancho Amat)
Directed by Jimmy Maslon. Two of the great cuban
violinists of our tiem step out in this high
energy charanga. From the album "Mi Violin
3. Bakuleye - "Ula Ula" (Pedro Pablo Perez)
Directed by Jimmy Maslon . Timba influenced
Bakuleye has the Havana party video of the year.
From the album "Fiebre del Ula Ula."
4. Laito - "Idilio" (Manuel Romero) Directed by
Jorge Fuentes. The legendary Laito of Sonora
Matancera. This video was awarded "Best Dance
Video of the Year" (Lucas Award) in Cuba. From
the album "Sonaron Los Canonazos."
5. Arte Mixto "Aguzate" (Ritchie Rey/Bobby Cruz)
Directed by Jorge Fuentes. The award winning
group from Cienguegos, Cuba. Winner of 2nd place
Lucas Award for "Best Dance Video of the Year."
From the album "Deseos."
6. Bamboleo - "Circulame" (Osvaldo Chacon)
Directed by Jorge Fuentes. From the album "Te
gusto o te caigo bien."
7. Bamboleo - "Yo no me parezco a nadie"
(Limonta) Live concert footage in Italy. From the
album "Yo no me parezco a nadie."

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