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100 Años de Cine Mexicano , Mexico - A brief history of Mexican cinema. Includes an extensive list of films (with photos), biographies of directors and movie stars and selected bibliography on Mexican cinema.
ADOC - The web site for the association of documentary makers of Chile.
AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival - Competitive showcase for American independent and international filmmakers, as well as tributes and special events. Shorts, animation, documentaries. October.
Agrasanchez Film Archives - Golden Era of Mexican Film - An archive of hundreds of historic Mexican films and original posters. Their mission is to protect and promote the legacy of the Golden Era of Mexican Film.
Alameda Films - One of Mexico's largest production companies. Also handles distribution.
AnimaMundiWeb - Online animation contest.
APTC-RS , Brazil - The Filmmakers association of Rio Grande do Sul, a state in the deep south of Brasil
Archivo Audiovisual de Venezuela - Webpage of the Audiovisual Services department of Venezuela's National Library.
Archivo di Film - A large archive of Latin American film, radio and television ephemera. Located in Buenos Aires.
Arizona International Film Festival - International independent features and shorts, film or video. Competitive, with invitational noncompetitive Premiere Showcase. Tucson, Arizona. April.
Art on Film Online - Provides access to an international database on more than 25,000 productions about the visual arts including many titles from Latin America.
Aruanda - Magazine dedicated to Brazilian documentary films and videos. Includes interviews with documentary filmmakers.
Asociacion de Television Educativa Iberoamericana - the ATEI is a cooperative association which promotes the use and production of audiovisual materials in education. Their site lists its members and provides information about the association's activities.
Aspen Film Fest - Showing American indies and foreign features, docus and shorts, including tributes and special presentations. Noncompetitive. Aspen, Colorado. September.
Associaçao Brasileira de Cinematografia , Brazil - The Brazilian Association of Cinematography congregates camerapersons and film technicians in Brazil
Associação Brasileira de Cinematografia
Ateneo Puertorriqueño - A comprehensive list of Puerto Rican films and videos.
Azteca Films - provides extensive information about Mexican feature film titles.
BAF , USA - A U.S. Based Latino-themed production company.
Berlin Intl. Film Festival - Competition (feature and short films), Panorama (world cinema), Forum, Kinderfilmfest. Competitive. FIAPF-recognized. Incorporates European Film Market. February.
Black Maria Escuela de Cine - Film school in Bogota, Colombia.
Bogota International Film Festival
Boogalu Productions , USA - Cuban music and dance DVD's of salsa Cubana, rumba, son, carnaval, folklore, and other traditional and contemporary music and dance.
Boogalu Productions , USA - Cuban music and dance DVD's of salsa Cubana, rumba, son, carnaval, folklore, and other traditional and contemporary Cuban music and dance.
Brazilian Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers (ABVP) - ABVP is involved in numerous activities that help bring film and video makers together, including the distribution of their work.
Brocolis VHS - Brazilian production and distribution company; specializes in short independent/experimental videos.
Buenos Aires Communication
Bureau de Cinema, Televisao e Video - The homepage for the Museum of Sound and Images.
Camcordistas Amazonas , Colombia - Camcorder training for video communication in order to understand and relate to the advancing autonomous indigenous communitites in the Colombian Amazon region.
Camerimage - International festival celebrating the art of cinematography. International and student films, TV section, retrospectives, equipment demonstrations. Competitive. FIAPF-recognized. Torun, Poland. November.
Canal 6 de Julio - One of Latin America's truly dedicated video production cooperatives. Since 1988, Canal 6 has documented the country's most important events: the rise of the Zapatista movement, the death of the PRI, and the gradual implementation of neo-liberal policies.
Caribbean Interactive Network - Promotes the distribution, production and exchange of Caribbean-made video. Attempts to create a community of producers.
Cartagena International Film Festival - Competitive for Ibero-American features and short films. Colombian premieres, film and TV market, films for children, workshops, seminars. Cartagena, Colombia. March.
Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre , Brazil - An independent film production and distribution company, responsible for some of the most important gaucho and Brazilian films of recent times.
CCC/Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica - One of the leading film/video schools in Mexico
CEMA - A film/video collective which has been working since 1982.
Cententario del Cine en Bolivia - A history of Bolivian cinema.
Centre for Cinematic Research , USA - Research center devoted to the study of Cinema and History. Based in Barcelona.
Centro de Documentación , Mexico - Biblioteca especializada en la imagen cuenta con bibliografía, hemerografía y colecciones de video, carteles e invitaciones sobre eventos realizados en México y en el extranjero, de ka fotografía tradicional, al video y arte electrónico.
Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños - A list of the Centro's Film and Video Collection.
Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica - Film school in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Chiapas Indymedia - archives video footage of Zapatista marches, interviews with Zapatista supporters, etc.
Chiapas Media Project - The Chiapas Media Project provides video cameras and editing equipment along with appropriate training so that communities in Chiapas can tell their own stories in their own words. The tapes made by these residents provide an intimate portrait of the situation in Chiapas. These tapes are available for sale through the LAVA web service.
Chicago International Film Festival - Oldest international competitive fest in North America. Competitive for international features, first/second features, documentaries, shorts, student productions. October.
Chicago Latino Film Festival - Presenting films and videos of all genres from Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the U.S., as well as other countries if the director is of Ibero-American descent or the subject is related to Latino culture. Noncompetitive. March.
Chicanos/Latinos in Film and Television - A bibliography of books related to Chicanos and Latinos in Film and Television.
Chicanoville - Stylish site containing the work of artist and performer Harry Gamboa Jr.
Chicanovista - Presents the multimedia work of various Chicano artists.
Chile Cine - A site dedicated to Chilean cinema.
Chilefilms - Film labs, post-production, equipment rentals, and televisión production services.
ChilNet - Provides a listing of film and television production companies in Chile.
Cine Accion - Showcasing films, shorts and documentaries by and about Latinos in the US and Latin America. Sidebar on experimental works and digital filmmaking; panels on writing, producing, financing and distributing Latino projects in the US. San Francisco and Berkeley. September.
Cine Andino - A online database of Andean cinema.
Cine Chileno - Contains a page on the history of film in Chile with interesting old stills and posters, plus some spotty records of documentaries and shorts produced in the 70s, 80s and 90s.
Cine Cubano - Website of the Cuban film institute, ICAIC. Contains lists of all ICAIC-produced films, organized by decades. Also has links to an on-line magazine about Cuban film, documentation of the annual Havana Film Festival, and brief bios of major Latin American directors.
Cine Las Americas , USA - Cine Las Americas produces Austin's only Latino film festival and is expanding its scope to include a multi-cultural media arts center.
Cine Nacional - A useful, somewhat commercially-oriented site dedicated to Argentine film. Contains a data base of Argentine films, reviews of new releases and longer articles on the Argentine film industry.
Cine Peru , Peru - Website dedicated to Peruvian cinema.
Cine Peruano - Contains a brief history of cinema in Peru, contact info for the major Peruvian production companies, links to some articles and interviews, and other relevant information about Peruvian film.
Cine, Arte y Movimiento - A Brief History of Chilean Cinema - Prepared by the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, this homepage provides a brief overview of Chilean national cinema.
Cineambulante - An independent project that consists of a bus travelling through rural Argentina in order to show independent movies in parks and schools of small villages. Cine Ambulante consists of seven people, a video projector, a portable screen and sound equipment.
CINECITA , Latin America - A site dedicated to Spanish-language film from both Latin America and Spain. Includes extensive articles and related sites.
Cinema Do Brasil , Brazil - the web site of IBASE, a non-governmental organization that provides information about Brazilian cinema.
Cinema du Reel - Documentaries with an ethnological or sociological focus. Competitive. Paris. March.
Cinema em Cena - Online magazine from Brazil.
Cinema Luna - Dedicated to promoting alternative and independent Chicano cinema.
Cinema Shorts - Online Film Festival - Tune into Cinema Shorts the first multicultural on-line film festival. Each quarter we will feature a different short film and interview with an independent filmmaker.
Cinema Tropical , USA - A project dedicated to creating a permanent space for the exhibition of Latin American and Latino film and video in New York City. Cinema Tropical features weekly screenings in New York's East Village, as well as other special events.
Cinemateca Argentina - Argentina's national film center, featuring archives, a library, and screening rooms.
Cinemateca Boliviana - Repository for Bolivian films and film-related resources. Also a theater.
Cinemateca Brasileira - Preservation, documentation, screenings. Located in Sao Paolo.
Cinemateca Chilena - Contains downloadable listings of film programs.
Cinemateca Mexicana del INAH - Mexico's National Institute of History and Anthropology (INAH) has a collection of ethnographic films as well as some Mexican feature films from the 1930s and '40s. The institute has begun to release parts of its collection on video.
Cinemateca Uruguaya , Uruguay - The official site of Cinemateca Uruguaya, including a database, resources and festival programs
Cinequest/San Jose Film Festival - Celebrates maverick films, filmmakers and film San Jose, Calif. technology. Features, shorts, documentaries and After Hours films, plus tributes. Competitive. February.
Cinergía , USA - A Web site dedicated to the study of Spanish, Latin American and Latino Cinema for students and scholars. Includes film vocabulary, still analysis, director pages, and links.
Cinesol Latino Film Festival , USA - Annual Latino Independent Film Festival held in Deep South Texas along the US-Mexico Border. Premier Weekend held at South Padre Island Convention Center and continues with extensive outreach program covering a large South Texas Region and Mexico Border towns of Matamoros and Reynosa. Feature films, short films, documentaries, special guests, workshops and much more...! June - July
Cinet , Colombia - offers various information services relating to Colombian Cinema.
Cineteca Nacional - Mexico's most important screening venue for independent and foreign films. The Cineteca also functions as the national film archive and has a library for film research.
Colombia Media Project - The Colombia Media Project maintains a collection of human rights-related videos about Colombia from various sources. This site contains information about the videos.
Contra el Silencio Todas las Voces - Open to Iberoamerican independent documentaries discussing a diversity of themes. Mexico City.
Contraplano , Costa Rica - an electronic bulletin about Latin American film and video production including a list of film and video festivals.
Cortometrajes Latinoamericanos - an extensive database of Latin American short films. Created and maintained by the Fundavisual Latina, based in Venezuela.
Cuba Film Productions - Cuba Film Productions is a cultural exchange production company that facilitates American film, television, and documentary-makers with their production needs in Cuba.
Cuban Cinema Classics , USA - Initiative established to address the difficulty of obtaining Cuban documentaries with English subtitles for educational and cultural purposes in the U.S.
Curtagora - An extensive database of Brazilian independent films and videos. Created and maintained by Interrogaçao Filmes and Mnemocine.
Curtis Craven , USA - Producer of cultural dcumentaries focusng on Mexican folklife.
Dallas Video Festival - New works by national, international and regional artists, workshops for kids, technology demonstrations. Dallas, Texas. March.
Deep Ellum Film Festival - Celebrating unique visions of American and Latino filmmakers, musicians and artists. Panels, screenings, retrospectives. Categories are Unfinished, dramatic, animation, docu, Texas cinema, Latin cinema, 2000, One Step Beyond. Dallas, TX. November.
Denver Intl. Film Festival - Invitational expo of film, including international features, cutting-edge indie fiction and docu films, animation, experimental works, kids programs and shorts. Competitive. Denver, Colorado. October.
Dirk Vandersypen Award - The Dirk Vandersypen Award is an international prize of 2,500 euro and a guaranteed broadcast by the Belgian TV channel VRT-Canvas. It is presented to the maker of the best television documentary about Latin America. This documentary must explore social themes and show genuine concern for the lot of the ordinary man.
Docfest - The Annual New York International Documentary Festival in June.
Documentary Educational Resources , USA - We distribute and promote ethnographic and anthropological film, and our collection includes many titles about Latin America.
DVD Candel , Chile - A DVD center for post-production, encoding, authoring, duplication and printing of DVD. Footprints of high quality.
Edinburgh Intl. Film Festival - The world's longest continually running film festival. World and British premieres; best of British pics; first and second films; docus; retrospectives; Mirrorball, exploring the arena where film meets music, art and design; mas-ter-class-style lectures; shorts and animation. Noncompetitive. Edinburgh, Scotland. August.
El Circulo Casting , Argentina - El Circulo produces castings internationally. With seat in Argentina counts with many years of experience in the search of actors and models for advertising and movie productions.
Electronic Arts Intermix , USA - Electronic Arts Intermix is one of the world's leading distributors of Artists' video tapes. EAI's extensive collection of tapes is a major source of programming for educational, cultural and art institutions, as well as for television markets.
ENMA , Venezuela - Escuela Nacional de Medios Audiovisuales. Universidad de los Andes. Merida, Venezuela.
Entre Imagenes: Espacio Iberoamericano de Comunicacion Audiovisual - Useful page supported by one of Mexico's government cultural agencies (FONCA). Provides contact information for film schools, film-related associations, and film festivals throughout Latin America. Also provides the texts of recent film-related legislation passed in various countries.
Entreextremos - Archived contents of a now-defunct journal dedicated to Latin American film. Features articles on Argentine and Colombian film.
Escuela de Cine de Chile - The web site for the Chilean Film School.
Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión - Film school located in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.
Escuela Profesional de Cine - Film school in Argentina founded by director Eliseo Subiela.
Escuelas de cine - A listing of film schools and universities with film majors in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal.
Ethnoscope Film & Video , Mexico - Specializing in films on Mexican Indians, with production studio in Tepoztlán, Morelos and distribution in Rochester, NY
Ezequiel , Argentina - El Circulo produces castings internationally. With seat in Argentina counts with many years of experience in the search of actors and models for advertising and movie productions.
F/X Film & Video , USA - F/X Film & Video~crewofone is a boutique 3D Animation, Graphics, HiDef & 16mm Film production company in Austin, Texas.
Festival de Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano - The Providence Festival of New Latin American Film welcomes features, shorts and documentaries from Latin America. Providence, Rhode Island. April.
Festival del Cinema Latinoamericano - Large festival of Latin American feature films and shorts in Trieste, Italy. Partly funded by the Association for the Promotion of Latin American Culture in Italy.
Festival Internacional de Arte Electronica - Festival highlighting the brightest talent in international video and electronic art. Sao Paulo, Brazil. September.
Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia , Mexico - The Morelia International Film Festival, Morelia, Michoacán. October.
Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia , Chile - Competitive. Focused on indie production. Shorts, documentaries, animation and feature films.
Festival Internacional de Cine Las Garzas , Panama - The Festival Internacional de Cine Las Garzas is a program of the Instituto de Arte y Cultura el Divino Niño, a not for profit organization the mission to provide programs and exposure to the arts to underprivileged children in the Republic of Panama. In 2003, the Instituto expanded its mission to work with independent filmmakers of the Republic of Panama and Latin America to provide a platform for them to exhibit their work. Our objective is to present positive, thought provoking, exceptional, films made nationally and internationally, promoting awareness, appreciation, and an understanding of the art of cinema to the Republic of Panama and the world, with a special emphasis on the youth of the Latin American communities, and to recognize the positive content in film and television in Latin American.
Festival Internacional de Cine Las Garzas , Panama - The Festival Internacional de Cine Las Garzas is a program of the Instituto de Arte y Cultura el Divino Niño, a not for profit organization the mission to provide programs and exposure to the arts to underprivileged children in the Republic of Panama. In 2003, the Instituto expanded its mission to work with independent filmmakers of the Republic of Panama and Latin America to provide a platform for them to exhibit their work. Our objective is to present positive, thought provoking, exceptional, films made nationally and internationally, promoting awareness, appreciation, and an understanding of the art of cinema to the Republic of Panama and the world, with a special emphasis on the youth of the Latin American communities, and to recognize the positive content in film and television in Latin American.
Festival Internacional de Video Arte y Electronico - Peru's annual festival for video art, video installation, and electronic art. Features artists from all over Latin America. Web site contains an archive of the past few years' programs.
Film and television School, Septima Ars , Latin America - Courses and degrees in Film and Television.
Film College - Film academy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Filmenchile - A full-service production and post-production house. Offers equipment rental, casting services, location scouting, and archival footage.
Filmoteca de la UNAM - Webpage of the Filmoteca of the National Autonomous University (UNAM) in Mexico City. Dedicated to the collection, preservation, and exhibition of film and film-related documents. Website contains a searchable database of Mexican film and program guides to film series sponsored by the Filmoteca.
FlameFilms , Honduras - Independent film production company in California. Site contains info on films and links related to the Garifuna of Central America.
Florida Film Festival - The best American indies and foreign films. Competitive for features, docs, shorts, animation. Also Florida student works, tributes, retrospectives, seminars, etc. Maitland and Orlando, Fla. June.
Fondation Alter-Ciné - The Alter-Ciné Foundation offers a yearly grant to young film and video makers from Africa, Asia and Latin America to enable them to study or complete training in cinema, or to direct a documentary film on the theme of rights and freedoms, including social and economic rights, women’s rights, the right to culture and artistic creation.
Fort Lauderdale Intl. Film Festival - International event showcasing more than 100 features, documentaries, animation and shorts, by both professionals and students, with galas and educational seminars. Competitive. Fort Lauderdale, with mini-festivals in Miami, Boca Raton and Hollywood, Florida. October-November.
Fotograma - Website with information about recent films, festivals, directors and actors.
FRANTIC FILMS , - Frantic Films is dedicated to make special FX, animation and 3D for any project you have. We participated with Warner Brothers in their last movie SWORDFISH starring John Travolta. We're located in Winnipeg, Canada.
Freak Distribucion Cinematografica , Latin America - The first short film distributor on-line FREE. Tambien distribuimos documentales y peliculas de animacion. Servicios de informacion y organizacion de festivales.
Freecuencia Fest - Freecuencia Fest is a non-competitive showcase that showcases past and contemporary experimental cinema and video by artists from Latin America who may share a cultural, linguistic, ethnic or any other variation of a post-colonial or neo-liberal outcome.
Frontier Life , USA - Frontier Life is a film that comprises three stories around border culture set in Tijuana, Mexico.
Fundacion Cinemateca Nacional, Venezuela - The web site of the Fundacion Cinemateca Nacional de Venezuela, Centro de Investigacion y Documentacion provides information about Venezuelan cinema and contact information for Cinematecas throughout Latin America.
Fundacion Nacional para la Cultura Popular , Latin America - Non profit organization that works for the conservation of any Puerto Rican expression in pop art such as film,video, tv, music and radio. It provides information on bios and it can also help researchers on specific themes. It also has videos from contemporary Puerto Rican movies.
Fundacion Patrimonio Filmico Colombiano - An archive and conservation center dedicated to the cataloguing of Colombian film and television production. Contains an on-line database.
Fundación Teba - Film school in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Fundavisual Latina - A foundation established by filmmaker Margot Benacerraf dedicated to the promotion and protection of Latin American film and television.
Fundavisual Latina - Fundavisual Latina is a database that contains listings of more than 7,000 short films from all over Latin America. Offer an electronic bulletin providing info about film-related events throughout Latin America.
Galan Inc. Television/Film , USA - Official site for U.S. Latino documentary filmmaker Hector Galan (Visiones: Latino Art & Culture, Chicano! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement) and his company Galan Inc.
Galan Inc. Television/Film , USA - Distributes the work of documentary filmmaker Hector Galan
Galan Inc. Television/Film , USA - Distributes the work of documentary filmmaker Hector Galan
Galan Productions Inc. Website , USA - Website of U.S. Latino documentary producer Hector Galan. Website has filmography of his work and catologue. Galan Productions Inc is co-producer of Chicano! History of the Civil Rights Movement and of Visiones: Latino Art & Culture
Galavisión - Spanish language TV station including complete listing of upcoming movies
Greek International Short Film Festival - Featuring shorts from many countries, dramas only. Held in September.
H.G.O. (Héctor Germán Oesterheld) Largometraje documental , Argentina - Sitio oficial del largometraje documentalrealizado por Víctor Bailo y Daniel Stefanello sobre la vida del escritor y guionista desaparecido
Habana Viva - Latin American and Caribbean art, film and video database.
Hamptons Intl. Film Festival - International festival includes shorts, features, docus, "discovery" market and a digital gallery. Competitive for short, feature, docu, student short; also audience awards. East Hampton, N.Y. October.
Havana Film Festival/Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine LatinoAmericano - The new web site for the annual Havana Film Festival, one of the most important festivals in Latin America.
Hispanic Film Festival of Miami - Films from Latin America, Spain and the U.S. April.
Hispanic International Film Festival - The Annual Hispanic International Film Festival is open for entries, seeking submissions of works in all genres in 35mm, 16mm and video that represents works produced by or about Hispanics in the United States and abroad.
Historia del Cine Argentino - A brief history of Argentine cinema.
Hollywood Film Festival - Competitive. Features, shorts, docus, animation. August.
Hubert Bals Fund - The Hubert Bals Fund is designed to bring remarkable or urgent feature films and feature length creative documentaries by innovative and talented filmmakers from developing countries closer to fulfillment.
Huesca Film Festival - Competitive for Iberoamerican and international short films (up to 30 minutes) on any theme except promotion and tourism. Huesca, Spain. June.
Human Rights Watch Intl. Film Festival - Showcase for films dealing with the subject of human rights. Documentary, fiction and animation of any length. Noncompetitive. London (early March); New York (early June).
Ibero-American Film Festival of Huelva - Showcase for Latin American cinema trying to mediate between Europe and Latin America. Competitive. Huelva, Spain. November.
Imagenes - IMAGENES es una productora uruguaya de cine y video fundada en 1986. Tiene su sede en Montevideo, Uruguay, y sus objetivos son la producción, realización y difusión de obras audiovisuales y de toda acción vinculada a la cultura que se relacione directa o indirectamente con el registro y reproducción de imágenes, fijas o en movimiento.
Images from the New World - An annual international film festival. By New World we obviously mean America, from Argentina to Alaska. Films, video, television and a window on the virtual and multimedia arts. Will first be held from March 1 to 5, 2000 in the downtown heart of Quebec City.
IMCINE , Mexico - the web site of the Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia. It lists contact persons for its various departments, and links to other film related institutions in Mexico including the Cineteca Nacional (National Film Archives), the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the National Cinematografic and Video Chamber, the Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica, and the Filmoteca UNAM (the film archives of Mexico's national university.
INCAA , Argentina - The website for the Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales. Provides detailed information about Argentinian cinema.
Independent Feature Film Market - Market devoted to emerging U.S. indie films and filmmakers. Docu and fiction shorts, works-in-progress, features, feature scripts. Also No Borders international co-production market and IFFM Rough Cuts showcase. New York City. September.
Independent Television Service - ITVS funds, distributes and promotes new programs primarily for public television. We work with independent producers to create and present programs that take creative risks, advance issues and represent points of view not usually seen on public or commercial television. ITVS is committed to programming that addresses the needs of underserved and underrepresented audiences. We look for programs that bring new audiences to public television and that expand civic participation by bringing diverse voices into the public sphere.
Innsbruck, International Film Festival - Annual festival (since 1992) in Innsbruck (Austria) with a considerable number of Latin American movies.
Instituto Cervantes - An international cultural institution supported by the government of Spain. In addition to providing information about their many services, the Instituto's website lists the film/video titles in their archive. Their entire collection is open to the public for viewing.
International Community Media Festival - Annual festival with a focus on foreign films.
International Federation of Film Archives - The International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) brings together institutions dedicated to rescuing films both as cultural heritage and as historical documents. Founded in Paris in 1938, FIAF is a collaborative association of the world's leading film archives whose purpose has always been to ensure the proper preservation and showing of motion pictures.
International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago , USA - The International Latino Cultural Center produces the annual Chicago Latino Film Festival. The Festival showcases the best films from aspiring and established directors from Latin America, Portugal, Spain and the United States.
International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film - An annual festival for documentary and animated films in Leipzig, Germany. Competetive. October.
International Monitor Institute , USA - Center of video, films, stills and audio dealing with worldwide conflict, war crimes and human rights violations directed against civilians.
International Short Film Festival - International competition for shorts (under 40 minutes) in genres of fiction, animation, docu, experimental. Retrospectives and special programs and market. Competitive. Clermont-Ferrand, France. February.
Intl. Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam - The most recent creative docs, both film and video, not screened or broadcast before in the Nether-lands. Categories include First Appearance, Kids & Docs, Highlights of the Lowlands. Competitive. FIAPF-recognized. Held concurrent with Forum for Intl. Co-Financing of Documentaries, bringing together indie producers, commissioning editors, distribs and financiers, and Docs for Sale, an international docu market. November.
Intl. Film Festival of Munich - A forum for German and international film premieres. Sections include independents, Top Television, children's films, retrospectives. Noncompetitive. FIAPF-recognized. Overlaps with the 20th Intl. Festival of Film Schools, presented by the same org. June.
Intl. Film Festival of Uruguay - International shorts and full-length features, as well as docus, experimental and Latin American films. Competitive. Montevideo. April.
Intl. Forum of New Cinema - Showcase for new independent, experimental and alternative feature-length docu and fiction films. Held within the framework of the Berlin Intl. Film Festival. Germany. February.
Intl. Short Film Festival - Films up to 30 minutes. Tubingen and Stuttgart, Germany. March.
Intl. Student Film Festival - International festival with panels and workshops celebrating young filmmakers from 35 film schools in 28 countries. Competitive. New York City. October.
Intl. Tourist Film Festival - Competitive for docus, films and commercials up to 45 minutes long, in categories of commercial; environment; fiction; new media; cultural, promotional or religious tourism; sport & adventure; TV format; program. Milan, Italy. February.
It's All True - Intl. Documentary Film Festival - Presents fresh and original documentary films from Brazil and around the world and aims to promote international discussion of the genre. Competitive. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil. April.
Itau Cultural - Ambitious website created to accompany a huge symposium on art and technology in Sao Paolo, to be held in Summer and Fall 2002. Includes links to the film and video programs curated for the symposium, as well as on-line databases of Brazilian art and visual culture.
Jamerican Film & Music Festival - Docus, features, shorts and musicvideos. Montego Bay, Jamaica. November.
Jan Vrijman Fund - The Jan Vrijman Fund provides financial means for documentary projects which are aimed at research and script development, production and post-production, distribution and sales. In addition, other activities for the promotion of the production and distribution of documentaries, such as the organisation of workshops, documentary film festivals and other educational programs, are eligible for support.
JIRAFA , Chile - A production and distribution company based in Valdivia, Chile. Slickly-designed page includes links to descriptions of current projects, including short films, documentaries, and digital work.
Jon Saltzman Adventures , USA - Mexico-Central and South America A six part adventure-documentary video.
Jornadas Argentinas de Cine y Video Independiente - UNCIPAR invites American filmmakers and film students to participate in the Argentine Symposium of Independent Film and Video. April.
Karlovy Vary Intl. Film Festival - Feature film and docu competition, sections for western and eastern films and a Forum of Independent Filmmakers. Competitive. Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. July.
Kasseler Dokumentarfilm & Videofest - International documentaries. Also experimental and artistic videos. Unlike other festivals, this is a festival for the people. In times of extreme political, economical, and cultural changes, documentary films and videos can play a large part in raising highly controversial topics and in examining background information. Kassel, Germany. November.
Ken Zorniak , - We make special FX, animation and 3D for any project. We just worked on the action movie SWORDFISH starring John Travolta making the special FX.
Kinetoscopio - Kinetoscopio is a quarterly film journal published in Spanish by the Centro Colombo Americano in Medellin. Colombia.
Kiwi Producciones , Argentina - Includes descriptions of the films produced by Kiwi, as well as lists of film schools in Argentina and other info.
La Estrella de Carlos Gardel , USA - Habla de la Estrella que se le va a dar a Carlos gardel en Hollywood, California y de la filmacion de la pelicula sobre su vida llamada "Gardel...Gardel...". basado en el libro del notable autor Ingles Simon Collier...el guion fue escrito por Pepe Crow.
La Metro Escuela de Comunicación Audiovisual - Film school in Cordoba, Argentina.
LaCinemaFe - Website of the annual Latin American Cinema Festival of New York
LASA - Latin American Studies Association - LASA is the international professional organization of Latin American Scholars.
Latin American Cinema Homepage - Compiled by Gayle Williams at the University of Georgia, this web site provides links to Latin American film related internet resources, as well as biographies/filmographies of key directors.
Latin American Database - a subscription English language news and information about Latin America with weekly electronic news bulletins (available by e-mail or on the World Wide Web) and a searchable on-line archive of news stories dating from 1986.
Latin American Environmental Media Festival , USA - The Stone Center of Latin American Studies at Tulane University hosts the Latin American Environmental Media Festival in New Orleans on April.
Latin American Film Festival (Ottawa, Ontario) - Sponsored by the Canadian Film Institute.
Latin American Film Festival - Metro Cinema - London - A decade old film festival that features film and video titles from Latin America. September.
Latin American Film Festival - Washington DC - This festival is organized by the Cultural Foundation of the Americas and the American Film Institute. It features recent feature films.
Latin American Film Foundation
Latino Film Festival of Marin - Works produced by or about Latinos in the U.S. and internationally. Competitive in categories of narrative short, docu, women's film (by or about women's issues), student film, feature. Marin, Calif. November.
Latino International Film Festival - Los Angeles - A festival dedicated to Latino and Latin American Cinema. October.
Latino Public Broadcasting - Dedicated to funding and providing distribution opportunities for Latino media producers. The site contains information about current productions and up-and-coming filmmakers.
Lincoln Center Film Exhibits - This website contains information about the New Directors Series, the New York Film and Video Festivals at the Lincoln Center, and bi-annual Latin Beat.
London Film Festival - International cinema, all gauges and lengths, plus video and documentary. Noncompetitive. FIAPF-recognized. November.
Maine International Film Festival - Noncompetitive. Features, docus, shorts. Waterville, Maine. July.
Malaga Film Festival - The Festival aims to further the distribution and promotion of Spanish feature films as well as documentaries that have either been produced or backed in Spain and Latin-America, or focus on Spanish or Latin-American themes. The Festival organizes MERCADOC, a specialized market dedicated to European and Latin-American documentaries.
Malibu Film Festival - Independent American and international features, shorts and docus. Competitive. February.
Mar del Plata International Film Festival - Competitive, with retrospectives, tributes, sections on Argentine film, Latin American Screen, Behind the Camera, Women in Film. FIAPF-recognized. Also market. Mar del Plata, Argentina. November.
Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival - Founded by the American Museum of Natural History in 1977 to honor pioneering anthropologist Margaret Mead. It's become U.S.'s largest ethnographic/documentary film festival, screening features and shorts. New York City. November.
Martin A. Biaggini , Argentina - Video documentales, educativos, etc.
Matanza , Argentina - Documentary on the Argentine "piqueteros" and their response to the economic crisis of 2002.
MC Journal: The Journal of Academic Media Librarianship , USA - A guide providing a representative sampling of notable videos about Latino/as in the United States.
Media That Matters Online Film Festival - The Media That Matters Online Film Festival celebrates films and videos which inspire people to speak out and take action for social change. Will be presented at the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival at Lincoln Center in New York City in June, 2001. , USA - is creating an on-line community of activists and media makers by providing a site for the exchange of ideas and resources. Educators and activists can locate videos and films from our database of social issue documentaries to use in classrooms and communities.
Megasitio Cine Independiente - Biweekly Argentine site dedicated to national independent film production. Contains good interviews with established filmmakers, profiles of emerging directors, news about films currently in production, and other information.
Mexican Cultural Institute - The cultural branch of the Mexican Consulate. This web site lists cultural events related to Mexican artists.
Mexican Film Resource Page - an extensive resource with information about many aspects of Mexican cinema.
Mi Pagina de Cine Venezolano - Contains photos and brief bios of about 30 Venezuelan directors.
Miami Film Festival - Film festival organized by the Film Society of Miami and Florida International University. February.
Michael Skolnik , USA - A site devoted to the award winning documentary La Esquina Caliente, winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 1999 Latin American Film Festival
MIX: the New York Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film/Video Festival - MIX presents films, videos, digital media, installations and performances by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and two-spirit artists, and work of interest to lgbt audiences, that emphasize aesthetic innovation and experimentation in the artistic process. November.
Montreal World Film Festival - Numerous sections include World Greats, Cinema of Tomorrow, Latin American Cinema, Panorama Canada, Films for Television. Competitive. FIAPF-recognized. Also film, TV and video market. August-September.
Moondance Interantional Film Festival - The objective is to promote and encourage women screenwriters, playwrights, short-story writers and women who make independent films, and the best work by women, in any genre, including feature films, animation, documentaries, short films, stage plays & short stories. Boulder, Colorado. January.
Mostra Internacional de Cinema , Brazil - The web site for the Sao Paulo International Film Festival gives detailed information about films shown in the festival. October.
Movimiento de Documentalistas - A very complete, useful page dedicated to issues related to documentary film. Includes sections on works in progress, information on festivals and grants, and recent and historic texts written on the documentary. Based in Argentina.
Moxie Films - Moxie Films, founded in 1992, is a non-profit organization, which includes the brands MoxieShortsT and MoxieDocsT. Their mission is to nurture the growth of independent filmmakers in the short and documentary formats, encourage the exploration of innovative storytelling, and promote exhibition to a broader public.
Muestra Internacional de Cine de Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic - International film festival. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Multimania - A website dedicated to Latin American and Spanish film.
Musitelli Cine-Video - Production equipment rental company based in Montevideo, Uruguay
National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) , USA - NALIP is a national professional membership organization that addresses the professional needs of Latino independent producers. NALIP's mission is to promote the advancement, development and funding of Latino/Latina film and media arts in all genres.
Native American Film and Video Festival , USA - Organized by the Film and Video Center of the National Museum of the American Indian, this biennial international festival features productions in film, video, radio and electronic media about Native peoples of the Americas that are made by Native media makers or reflect Native viewpoints.
Native Networks - Excellent site compiling information about indigenous-produced media, organized by the National Museum for the American Indian. Contains links to articles on native video, info on current screenings and festivals, and a bulletin board. Includes info on radio and other forms of media as well as video.
Natora Producoes - Brazilian production company that works in various media.
New Directors/New Films - International films from first-time or overlooked directors. Noncompetitive. New York City. March.
New Orleans Film & Video Festival - Independent and arthouse films and videos, as well as the MPA Latin American Film & Lecture Tour, curated classics, international films. Features, shorts, docs, animation, musicvideos, etc. Competitive. October.
New South Productions , USA - New South Productions is an independent distributor of selected documentaries whose themes relate to the "New South" in the twenty-first century and its changing demographics. New South Productions seeks to promote tolerance and cultural understanding among all communities.
New York Exposition of Short Film & Video - International fiction, animation, docu and experimental film and video under 60 minutes, and digital multimedia works of any length. November.
New York Film Festival - Twenty-five to 30 international features and shorts screened without categories, with public screen-ings at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall. Noncompetitive. September.
New York International Documentary Festival - April. An annual, competitive event created in 1998 to present classic and new documentaries to New York City audiences. A jury presents $20,000 in cash awards to films in competition.
NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL - December. Founded in 1993 by Stuart Alson, this festival has been recognized by the film and entertainment industry as one of the leading film events on the independent festival circuit.
New York International Latino Film Festival - A Bilingual Latino film festival that provides a venue for the Latino Diaspora in film and entertainment. The festival works with an urban edge and feature filmmakers from Latin America and the Caribbean. The festival will also include workshops and panels, with topics ranging from a variety of issues concerning Latinos in film and entertainment. May.
Newport Intl. Film Festival - Shows international documentary, feature and short films. Competitive. Newport, Rhode Island. June.
Noir In Festival - Film noir and mystery shorts, features and retrospectives. Competitive. This year's theme will be the transformation and combining of man with robot on the eve of the year 2000. Other focuses this year are on Latin America. Courmayeur, Aosta Valley, Italy. December.
Nortel Palm Springs International Film Festival - Emphasis on foreign-language films (especially Oscar contenders), seminars and awards gala honoring industry greats. Also hosts Intl. Cinematographers' Day. Noncompetitive. FIAPF-recognized. California. January.
Nuestra Vision, Nuestro Futuro , USA - The Oregon Youth Video Project, a video resource for schools and community groups, is availble free while quantities last. Written and produced by Latino teens working in collaboration with professional filmmakers, the programs emphasize the importance of family and peer relationships and reflect with pride on the cultural traditions, past and present.
NYMosaico , USA - A bilingual (Esp./Eng.) webzine about Latino-/Latin American-related culture, based in New York City. Its cinema page covers all types of film projects related to Spanish- and Portugese-speaking people through articles, interviews, and film reviews.
omid , Mexico - morelia final part of serial send to me pleas
Otrocampo: Estudios Sobre Cine - One of Latin America's most important and sophisticated on-line film magazines, with articles in both Spanish and English. Based in Argentina.
Pachamama Films , Bolivia - Independent Film Production Company with offices in New York and La Paz, Bolivia. Now producing and offering features, miniseries, documentaries and soaps
Pachamama Films , Bolivia - Independent production company, we produce features, documentaries and TV programas. We also have services for production in Bolivia. We have an office in New York.
Palm Springs Intl. Short Film Festival - Short films from around the world, seminars and student programs. Competitive. FIAPF-recognized. Also market. Palm Springs, Calif. July.
Paul Ramirez , USA - Prodcution company based in San Antonio, Texas.
Plan Z Media , USA - Plan Z Media is a label and production company dedicated to the creation and distribution of independent cinema and sound. Our goal is to bring exposure and sensitive professional expertise to the realization of projects made by producers, artists and individuals working with video, audio and multimedia.
Portland Intl. Film Festival - Showcase of new world cinema. Special focus for year 2000 on Hispanic films. Competitive. Portland, Oregon. February.
Postgrados con Directores de CIne - es una escuela que esta tanto en internet como en un pequeno pueblo en los alpes suizos, donde funciona solo 3 semanas pero a donde asisten estudiantes de todas partes del mundo y muy buenos directores de cine
Producción & Distribución Magazine , Latin America - A Spanish-language daily covering the television, advertising, and new media industries.
PRODUCTORA AGENCIA EVENTOS , Argentina - Mujeres Modelos Actrices Bailarinas Streeapers Go Go Dancers Otros Organizacion De Show Eventos Productora Tv Video Cortos Clps Porfolios Fotograficos Artisticos Comercial Book Agencia Eventos Nacional Internacional Sumate Conocenos Web Sitio Fashion & Management
PRODUCTORA AGENCIA EVENTOS , Argentina - Productora Tv Video Comerciales Sustitulos Doblajes Porfolios Fotograficos Agencia Modelos Actrices bailarinas otros
Productora Agencia Eventos , Argentina - Productora Tv Video Servicios Porfolios Fotograficos Agencia Mujeres Modelos Actrices Show Otros Web Sitio
Proimagenes Colombia - A site dedicated to all aspects of Colombian film and audiovisual art.
Puerto Rico and the American Dream - Founded by Judith Escalona and Stephanie Owens, this multimedia site features a film section dedicated to Nuyorican Cinema.
Rafael Rebollar , Mexico - A site that has as a principal but to become a link to our work about producing documentaries about the african cultural inheritance in Mexico and to the information related to this subject
RAL , Uruguay - RAL, the Latin American Network, is a non-profit International Organization dedicated to promote regional integration and sustainable human development, primarily through television. RAL is working with broadcasters, cable channels, independent producers and development organizations throughout Latin America with interest in these themes.
Retratos e Borboleta , Brazil - página de divulgaçao do curta metragem em animaçao de Yanko Del Pino
Revista de Cine Uruguayo - Contains info about recent Uruguayan films, with stills.
Revista Haciendo Cine - An Argentine magazine covering all aspects of the national film industry.
Roma Independent Film Festival , Latin America - Roma Independent Film Festival series of over 200 new independent films! Film and screenplay submissions accepted. Annual RIFF! Awards.
Rotterdam Intl. Film Festival - International showcase of independent film, incorporating CineMart, an international co-production market. Features, creative docus, experimental films, shorts and innovative visual productions for digital media (CD-ROMs, Web sites, etc.) Rotterdam, Netherlands. January.
San Antonio Cine Fest-Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center - The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center(GCAC) is a non-profit, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion and development of the Mexican-American arts, and to facilitating a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chicano/Latino Native American cultures and respective artistic impressions. It is considered to be the largest institution of its kind in the U.S. Each year the Center presents and produces a season of events, exhibitions and festivals, including the San Antonio Cinefestival. January.
San Antonio Film Festival - Shorts and features. Competitive. Takes place during the Summer.
San Diego Latino Film Festival , USA - Annual Latino film festival organized by San Diego's Centro Cultural de la Raza. Screenings take place in San Diego and throughout Baja California. Feature films, short films, documentaries, special guests and much more...! March.
San Francisco Intl. Film Festival - Showcase for nearly 200 new film and video features, docus and shorts, with an emphasis on works that have not secured U.S. distribution. Invitational noncompetitive section plus competitions for shorts, docus, animation, experimental works and TV productions. April.
San Sebastian Intl. Film Festival - Reviewing recent worldwide productions and recovering classic treasures. Competitive and noncom-petitive sections. FIAPF-recognized. San Sebastian, Spain. September.
Santa Barbara Intl. Film Festival - World and U.S. cinema, including features, indies, shorts, docus and animation. Competitive. Santa Barbara, Calif. March.
Santa Fe Film Festival , USA - Running December 5-9, 2001, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the festival showcases the best in contemporary global cinema, capped off this season by a tribute to the great Mexican filmmaker Felipe Cazals. In addition, the festival presents select premieres, honors the contributions of veteran film artists and offers a platform for emerging artists to reach new audiences.
Santa Monica Film Festival/Moxie! Awards - The festival holds 22 screenings year-round, culminating in the Moxie Awards. U.S. and foreign features (U.S. premiere, dramatic, documentary, Latin cinema) and shorts (animated, contemporary, comedy, experimental) Competitive. California. February.
Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival - Founded in 1990, the festival is the leading event for short format in Latin America.
Shoot Argentina , Argentina - Production Services for the Film and TV industry in Argentina and the region. On line information and location pictures.
Shorts Intl. Film Festival - Competitive for shorts in categories of animation, comedy, docu, drama, experimental and student. New York City. November.
SICA - Labor Union , Argentina - the web site for the Sindicato de la Industria Cinematografica Argentina. It offers information about Argentinian films and film professionals.
SIGMAVISION Films , Honduras -
Sin Fronteras Film Festival - A showcase for radical and socially-conscious independent video and filmmakers from across the Americas. Albuquerque, New Mexico. April.
Spanish Movies in New York by Adrian Gonzalez Martinez , USA - A website created by a professor with a list of his recommendations of Spanish films for his students to consider watching.
St. Barth Film Festival - Focus on Caribbean films. St. Barthelemy, French West Indies. April
Subcine - A distribution company specializing in the work of young Latino filmmakers.
Sundance Film Festival - The renouned festival started by Robert Redford's Sundance Institute.
Sundance Institute - The Sundance Institute offers a variety of programs aimed at promoting independent cinema. They have placed a special focus on working with Latin American Filmmakers.
Tampere Short Film Festival - International shorts festival for all genres - docu, animation, experimental - incorporating a market and multimedia seminars. Competitive. FIAPF-recognized. Tampere, Finland. March.
Taos Talking Picture Festival - Independent film and video features, docus and shorts completed within 18 months of fest that are New Mexico premieres. Tributes, Latino and Native American programs and Media Literacy Forum. Competitive; prizes include five acres of land in Taos to a filmmaker and $10,000 in services to a cinematographer. Taos, N.M. April.
Taurine Films of Mexico - Listing of Mexican films with taurine themes from "Los Toros de México"
Tercer Ojo -
The BAC International Film and Video Festival - The BAC International Film and Video Festival serves independent film and video artists by providing opportunities to show their work to other artists, critics, the media and an enthusiastic New York audience. The Festival serves the community by providing quality film and video programs from all over the world, free of charge.
The Latin Film Network - Useful on-line trade publication containing information about new releases, films currently in production, script sales, etc. Mostly oriented toward Latinos in the industry, but also contains information about commercial features from Latin America and Spain.
The Mexican Film Resource Page - A page of information and links to finding more information on Mexican cinema and related areas.
The Other America Film Festival - An international film festival organized by the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center in San Antonio, Texas is committed to showcasing work produced by and centered around people that, by virtue of race, color, class, gender, sexuality, and political beliefs, have been continuously excluded from the eyes of Hollywood. April.
Third World Newsreel , USA - Founded in 1967, Third World Newsreel is one of the oldest alternative media arts organizations in the United States. We are committed to the creation and appreciation of independent and social issue media by and about people of color, and the peoples of developing countries around the world. Visit our website at for information on our extensive collection and to obtain information on how to order a film or video.
Todouncine - Online film magazine from Chile.
Tokyo Video Festival - Open to professionals and amateurs from around the world. Competitive, including 20th Century Award, for video that creatively captures experiences and discoveries in the 20th century and the challenges of the new age. January.
Toronto Intl. Film Festival - A celebration of cinema featuring hundreds of films and filmmakers from Canada and abroad. Non-competitive. FIAPF-recognized. September.
UNESCO Archives Portal - Gives access to websites of archival institutions around the world, including a section devoted to media archives in Latin America. It is also a gateway to resources related to records and archives management and to international co-operation in this area.
United Nations Associaton Film Festival - Noncompetitive international documentary fest. Stanford, Calif. October.
United States Super 8mm Film and Digital Video Festival - Sponsored by Rutgers University Film Co-op/N.J. Media Arts Center and Eastman Kodak. February, 2001.
Universidad del Cine - Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Univision - Spanish Language Television
Urbanworld Film Festival - The Urbanworld Film Festival hosts the world's largest competitive minority film festival dedicated to redefining and enhancing the role of minority films in contemporary cinema. New York. August.
Vancouver Intl. Film Festival - Presenting 300 films from 50 countries. Noncompetitive. Canada. September.
Vermont Intl. Film Festival - Theme of fest is "images and issues for social change," with categories of war and peace; justice and human rights; and the environment. Also Cuban showcase and an Asian cinema program. Burlington, Vt. October.
Victoria E. Kluge , Dominican Republic - Film producer. I have worked in several film productions in the Dominican Republic. Co-owner Production House Cineaccion, in Dom. Rep., dedicated to the making of tv commercials and to give support to foreign productions. Acted as the producer, production manager, UPM, for 18 years. Tired of advertising, sold my shares in 2003...
Video Brasil - A video festival based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Their web site gives information about the tapes shown in their festival.
Video Film & Television World Mexico , Mexico - Directorio de Productores, Directores y Staff de Video Film y Televisión Producción y Postproducción de Progrmas Videoclips y Documentales Listados de Freelance para producciones
Videos Uruguayos en linea , Uruguay - On-line shopping of Uruguayan videos: animation, documentaries and fiction films
Virgin Islands International Film and Video Festival - Designed to promote films that foster better understanding among different peoples and cultures. In so doing, it will exhibit works that originate in or contain topics about Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean. And that are created by new, undiscovered filmmakers as well as established directors.
Vision FilmWorks , USA - Global Expedition 2001 - Circumnavigation of the Globe
Voces Contra el Silencio , Mexico - Festival devoted to promotion of independent social documentary. We organize a bi-annual festival of documentaries from Latin America and Spain. Latest edition took place April 2002. Next festival scheduled for spring 2004.
voicing silence , Argentina - see the site and then see the unseen . a meaning ful platform for visual media
Washington DC International Film Festival - An internatioanl film festival that takes place in April
We Interrupt This Message - Non-profit group dedicated to providing activists and grassroots community organizations with media training.
Web Animada - A charming, slickly-produced site containing animation clips by South American professionals and amateurs.
Williamsburg Brooklyn Film Festival - International film competition: features, shorts, docs, experimental, trailers. Brooklyn, N.Y. May.
Wine Country Film Festival - Showcase for U.S. and foreign-language features, shorts, docus and animation in 16mm, 35mm, digital and video formats. Competitive. Napa and Sonoma Valleys, northern California. July.
Women in Cinema Film Festival - Celebrates the accomplishments of women filmmakers in contemporary cinema. Remarkable feature films, documentaries and short works from women directors around the world. Seattle, Wash. November.
Women In The Director's Chair - Women In The Director's Chair- The WIDC Archive has grown to over 300 tapes from women around the world, on a wide range of topics including youth-produced work, experimental shorts, and documentaries on human rights, community action, women's health, identity, sexuality, family etc. Access to tapes from this valuable resource is free to educators, activists, WIDC members and progressive grass roots organizations.
World Film Magic Distribution , USA - We distribute independent films from all over the world for the thearical, video-dvd and television markets. Located in Los Angeles we market a big number of spanish language films.
Worldfest - Flagstaff Intl. Film Festival - Focusing on American and foreign indie features and shorts. Competitive. Flagstaff, Ariz. November.