Latin American Video Archives

Launched in 1997, the Latin American Video Archives (LAVA) website was designed to be a searchable online database of Latin American and Latino cinema. Listing over 9,000 titles produced by and about Latin Americans and Latinos, the database also united the Latin American and Latino video collections of dozens of distributors, including LAVA’s own catalog of titles, into one central location. All titles available for purchase in the United States could be acquired through LAVA’s website, a one-stop-shopping outlet for Latin American and Latino videos.

In 2005, the Latin American Video Archives closed its doors, but the website remains as an informational resource for anyone interested in Latin American and Latino cinema. While no longer available for purchase through LAVA, all titles with distribution in the United States have a link to their original distributor so users can still acquire Latin American and Latino titles on video and DVD. Some titles list the producer's contact information so users can reach them directly.


Visitors to this website can begin their search by clicking on the “Search All Titles” button on the menu bar to the left. The database can be searched by original or English title, as well as director, country or subject.